Jennifer Eivaz

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By Jennifer Eivaz

I had the most unusual vision around 12 years ago during a conference at my church. It was the type of vision where your whole world disappears and you find yourself in another reality. Inside this vision, an angel came with a large scroll and a pen. I’m guessing the scroll to be four-feet wide and ten-feet long with writing on the front and back. I could not decipher the writing and there was a space at the bottom of the scroll waiting for a signature. I’m not sure how I knew, but in the vision I understood that I needed to sign the scroll. I also knew by instinct that I was signing on to my call as a Prophet to the nations.

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Published by: Pastor Michelle Enterline

My name is Michelle Enterline founder of Gospel of Peace Ministries. I am an ordained minister. My Husband Earl and I have been in the Messianic Jewish movement for over 10 years. Our heart is to bring the Messianic Roots of our Jewish Savior, Messiah Yeshua to the whole body of Messiah. We Minister in Prophetically through worship and Gods word. Minister in deliverance and healing. Building up faith in the body of Messiah. My husband Earl is a very accomplished musician and plays several instruments and is a minister through worship. My heart is to teach and preach the word of truth as well as minister prophetically through prayer and have a heart for all those who come to the LORD to be healed and set free both physically and Mentally and Minister accordingly.

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